eDefenders stat offering a new service, "Chargeback Rescue," is collaterally covered by insurance.
eDefenders start offering our Chargeback protection solution to one of the major global medical equipment & devices companies.
eDefenders and BASE partner up to offer a new service, "Fraudulent Payment Guarantee," for BASE merchants.
eDefenders, Inc. has entered a business alliance with payment service provider, Softbank Payment Service, to offer a "Global Charge Back Guarantee Service", a service that guarantees for global EC payments (Union Pay, Alipay, Paypal).

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Chargeback Protection

Chargeback Guaranteed?

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Impact with Fraud Threat?

Learn about Chargeback Risk

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eDefenders's Philosophy

eDefenders grow new payment solution

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Simple & Easy to Get Started

eDefenders' Chargeback Protection is able to detect global fraud in the simplest way possible. System installation is not always required, which can make it an easy start.

Guarantee Chargebacks

We will guarantee chargebacks for all transactions going through our global fraud detection.

Accept All Credit Card Brands

We are able to accept other online payment methods, besides credit cards.

Simple Service Fee Structure

There is no application fee.

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About eDefenders

eDefenders offers a new service where EC merchants will use our global fraud detection system and if by any chance a chargeback still occurs, we will guarantee it. The EC market is continuing to expand globally, which leads to more chargeback risks for the merchants. We want to make a change. We offer the service to help decrease credit card frauds and remove the damages of chargebacks for the merchants.

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